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Why eco?

Reasons why we are the better choice:
The decomposition of one plastic carrier bag may take from 100 to 1,000 years.
Plastic bags are not biodegradable, but under the influence of the sunlight they can degrade to toxic polymer particles. This process occurs mostly in oceans and seas. They are being dumped there together with the rest of the rubbish. According to studies only 1% of the plastic bags are recycled worldwide and the rest are disposed of for an unknown amount of time into landfills.

The cleaning of the coastlines from plastic waste takes millions per year.
Plastic bags make up about 10% of the coastal strip pollution.
Due to their low weight plastic bags are carried by the wind and get caught in trees, fall into sewers, on the beach, in oceans and seas, etc.

About 1 million birds, 100,000 sea turtles and other sea animals die each year from swallowing discarded plastic bags that block their digestive system. Nonrenewable natural resources are used for the production of plastic bags, such as petroleum products and natural gas, which contributes to increasing the fuel prices.
Are paper bags better? Just think how many trees are destroyed to produce them. The production of 1 eco paper bag requires 13% more energy than the production of 2 plastic bags does. Despite the high factor of recycling the studies show that only 20% of paper bags are recycled, while the rest share the same fate as their plastic fellows. Stored in landfills, paper bags emit in the atmosphere twice as many pollutants as plastic bags, which raises the question whether they are the best choice for the environment.
An ordinance was introduced in Bulgaria, according to which bags that are less than 25 microns in thickness and have a size of 39 x 49 cm shall be subject to a fee of 45 st. per unit. In recent years an increasing number of countries prohibit their use or impose a tax on it. The policy of these countries is currently going in a positive direction, as some of the countries have reduced the use of plastic bags by 90%.


Why Choose The Biodegradable Bags of DMD Consult


Our bags are degradable and fertilizing products. The material is defined as bio-fertilizing as it is composed of renewable resources, it degrades through the natural action of the microorganisms in the ground, without the interference of other substances induced and generally for a shorter period of time. They are not toxic and take less time to degrade. Their production takes less energy. In an organic medium they are decomposed within 90 days and thus they become fertilizer.
They do not depend on the import petroleum. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Our bio-degradable bags are made from maize flour. Let's think about a cleaner and safer world for us and our children.


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