EU requires the recycling of plastic waste

The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it asks to be introduced compulsory recycling of plastic waste in the EU countries. The most dangerous plastic and some even plastic bags will be banned from 2020 in the name of nature will even attempt to stop the use of plastic disposable bags.

In our ministry begins checks on markets, as despite the ban on the use of bags under 15 microns, mass merchandise sold in the market right at ones.

Iskra Mihaylova - Minister of Environment and Water in the last Council of Ministers in Brussels -  "Again said the problem with the plastic bags. We agreed so that each country will therefore analyze how far reached . Since we expect the Greek Presidency in this matter to be considered . So we are about to prepare the analysis. And see where we stand and what steps we can do further ".

Autor: Cv. Atanasova


Added on 18.03.2014.