Avramova Aesthetic


The bag is 100% biodegradable and fertilizing the soil. It is made from plant raw materials in Italy by DMD Consult 1, www.webtc.eu, under EU Directive and standart 13432. Shelf life: unlimited, until it enters an organic environment.

Our bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, produced in Italy from potato starch using the BIOCARTENE® technology, and certified from TUV Austria with OK COMPOST.

The material is defined as a bio fertilizer since it is composed of renewable sources, degrades by the natural action of the microorganisms in the soil, without any interference by other induced substances, it is not toxic and takes little time to degrade. They decompose in an organic environment from 90 days after turning into a fertilizer.

We, DMD consult have filled our hearts with love and hope to preserve our surrounding environment - healthy, clean and fertile,
because we want the children of the present and the children of the future to live in a world without ugly scenery, without polluted meadows and dirty rivers.


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