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Kacemlogistica Sl

Kacemlogistica Sl


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Shopping and Advertising bags

  • Type "vest" with handles, with or without "hanger"
  • Type "smile" without additional reinforcement of the handle

Wide selection of designs, sizes in appropriate thickness and quantities.

High quality printing - incl. custom print up to 8 colors.
*An exceptional addition and tool for your promotional activities.

Cover the needs of traditional and impulse retail, specialized stores for technics, toys, bookstores, and the pharmaceutical industry.

IMPORTANT: No product tax (eco) required.

Clothes packaging BIOCARTENE®

CLOTHES PACKAGING - sustainable clothing solutions and consumables for clothing packaging in the garment industry, dry cleaning, and hotel industry.

The fashion industry and the services sector are gradually moving towards more sustainable solutions and the introduction of alternative materials through new technologies.

Replace conventional disposable plastics with our smart solutions!

  • Eco-friendly garment covers
  • Eco-friendly garment bags
  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning bags
  • Eco-friendly laundry bags

Our BIOCARTENE® products are created from renewable resources, which reduces the use of petroleum products. They are completely biodegradable and compostable, and contribute to limiting the amount of plastic waste.

The minimum thickness is 11 microns.

Fresh food sheets and bags BIOCARTEX®

FRESH FOOD SHEETS AND BAGS – easy system for packaging prepared food.

  • Fresh food sheets and tablemats, trays - healthy and transparent foil.
    The use of BIOCARTEX® biofilm allows you to completely replace the plastic boxes for sliced sausages and delicacies offered by the delicacy stands in stores.


In addition to a hygienic function, tablemats and tabletrays can be an effective advertising tool.

The product allows excellent, multicolor and high quality printing with organic and compostable inks.

  • Fresh food bags - convenient product for packaging prepared food - healthy and ecological bags for sandwiches, pastries and culinary products.
    The use of BIOCARTEX® fresh food bags effectively replaces traditional nylon-coated paper bags used in bakeries and restaurants.

BIOCARTEX® sheets and bags cover innovative advantages such as exceptional resistance to both liquids and grease and odors.

Our BIOCARTEX® organic sheets and bags, made from 100% vegetable starch, are naturally resistant.

Garbage bags

Easy and hygienic solutions for domestic and commercial kitchens, through our breathable bags in a wide variety of types and sizes.

High-quality compost is obtained by pre-sorting food waste.

Organic bags have a very high barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores and molds. Due to the evaporation of moisture, the waste dries up and reduces unpleasant odors.

The bags can be composted together with food waste. Their use provides better hygienic conditions for waste collectors and composting plants.

Available in different sizes:

  • Composting bags for domestic use (10, 40 and 100 liters)
  • For public buckets (140 liters - 240 liters)
  • Packed 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 pieces.

Prices are based on size, thickness and quantity.