About us

About us

DMD Consult 1 Ltd. is the exclusive sales representation of the Italian plant SIPA Management Srl., which produces 100% organic - biodegradable and compostable flexible disposable packaging.

  • Our plant is the first in Europe to develop products with 100% organic content of raw materials, including in terms of dyes used.
  • We work exclusively with BASF raw materials, and through our own patents BIOCARTENE® and BIOCARTEX® we have managed to achieve a stable formula of the finished products, which due to their organic composition and compostability are a unique tool for a real Circular Economy.
  • Our products are among the few that have simultaneously three certificates for composting and safety - OK Compost Home, OK Compost Industrial and Seedling logo.
  • The presence of the certificate OK Compost Home # O 16-2163-A, allows our packaging to be disposed of with household waste and does not require their separate disposal and sorting.
  • The presence of the certificate Seedling logo # 7P2186 03, guarantees that our products are harmless.
  • We work mainly with potato and vegetable starches, in which the case of treatment with GMOs does not exist in comparison with analogues made of cornstarch or sugar cane.
  • Today, our factory is a world reference for the quality of finished products.


SIPA MANAGEMENT Srl. is a leading and one of the first manufacturers of 100% organic films for the packaging industry worldwide


Our values

The most important part of our mission is to achieve sustainable and continuous growth through the application of our innovative technologies for avant-garde production:

we have always worked to create a culture of customer satisfaction, and environmental protection to be a priority.